Deal Alert: Archos Game Pad 7″ tesco instore and online – £52

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Noticed this instore in glasgow dalmarnock, then checked its the same online.

If a mod could add a pic, that would be great.

Archos announces its first gaming device, the GamePad. This new type of tablet combines intuitive gaming controls with the Android operating system for an all-in-one tablet and gaming experience.

Physically, the GamePad is designed very similar to an ordinary game controller with full integrated analog thumbsticks, directional pad and 10 buttons, bringing back the physical sensations for games. The unique and patented Archos mapping tool works to make games compatible with the GamePad controls for an improved experience with precision.

Equipped with a powerful 1.6Ghz dual-core processor, the GamePad runs on the efficient Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. Being an Android device, the GamePad gives you access to Google Play which in turn lets you choose from over 700,000 apps and games that are available for download as well as music, books, films and magazines.

The Archos Media Center has complete codec and format support that plays almost anything you could throw at it. Even true 1080p HD video can be displayed on the GamePad’s 7″ multi-touch screen. You can also copy files wirelessly from your home file sharing network with the Archos file manager as well as being able to read media from an external storage device, whether it is a USB flash or hard drive. The GamePad also features a mini-HDMI port so you can connect the tablet to your HDTV for a wider movie experience.

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