Garmin’s New Dash Cam – Eye Witness

garmin eye witness dash cam

Garmin have launched their new car dash cam, the Eye Witness.

The Eye Witness captures high definition footage while you drive, giving you an independent eyewitness account of any incident – and therefore peace of mind.

With its simple design and 2.3-inch LCD display, the device can be mounted on your dashboard and plugged into a power source in a couple of minutes. Its wide-angle lens will then immediately start filming the whole road.

The Eye Witness records video footage in a continuous loop, which on it’s included 4GB microSD card provides 48 minutes recording at 1080p, 2.2 hours at 720p or 4.8 hours at VGA quality.

It has an inbuilt G-Sensor which can detect an accident and automatically store off that footage for review at a later date without you having to do anything.

There are two models; the Dash Cam 10 (£169.99) allows you to pinpoint the exact date and time of an incident, while the GPS-enabled Dash Cam 20 (£199.99) stamps any footage with a detailed location as well as the time.

>> Official Garmin UK site

>> Buy Eye Witness dash cams from Garmin

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