Nokia introduces the Nokia X series of Android devices

nokia x family

Nokia fans have longed for the day when Nokia would put out an Android handset, and that day has finally arrived. Early this morning, Nokia took the wraps off the Nokia X ‘family’ of devices at MWC, while we knew they were coming, we didn’t expect three devices built on a forked version of Android.

Nokia announced three Nokia X devices at MWC with the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and Nokia XL. The “X” moniker is going to span their new budget line of devices, and it’s also the name of their forked version of Android built with Windows and Asha in mind. As for the devices, all will sport a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4, have 4GB of storage (expandable), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and dual-sim x

The Nokia X+ bumps the memory up to 768MB, but everything else basically stays the same as the Nokia X including the 3MP front camera and 1500mAh battery. As the name implies, the Nokia XL is the biggest of the bunch at 5-inches and it also possesses 768MB of RAM, but has dual cameras (5MP/2MP), an LED flash, and a 2000mAh battery.

You’ll recognize some Android (and Windows) elements in the UI, but the OS is definitely a bit different from what you’re used to with stock Android. The forked version of Android means you won’t have direct access to Google Play, but you will be able to ‘sideload’ apps at will. This is great news although anyone who sideloads knows that compatibility can be an x series

While the Nokia X family of devices won’t blow your hair back, the price is certainly going to get your attention. The Nokia X will go for $125, the X+ is $135, and the Nokia XL will only set you back $150. They are definitely cheap and aimed at emerging markets, but it could just be the start of things for the Nokia X platform. Maybe next year we’ll see a high-end device running Nokia’s forked OS.

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