O2 Free Wifi Connects 10 Million Customers

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O2 has announced that its free WiFi service is going from strength to strength with the mobile operator confirming it has now connected it’s 10 millionth customer, just under 3 years from when it launched the service.

In partnership with key coffee shops and stores such as Costa Coffee, McDonald’s and Debenhams O2 Wifi has grown at a rate of nearly 500,000 new registrations per month in 2013, or one every six seconds.

The service is free for anyone to use, whether they are with O2 or not, and the network now offers premium hotspots in 10,000 locations across the UK. Interestingly 25% of registered devices are not SIM-based showing how much the product is helping those with WiFi only devices like tablets and laptops to get connected.

Gavin Franks, MD for Commerce at O2 commented:

When we started our wifi business in 2011, we set ambitious goals. We promised to change the wifi industry and have the biggest user base in the industry. Signing up 10 million customers is a significant landmark milestone for us and shows the scale we’ve achieved since launching in 2011, less than three years ago.

“Now we’re on a mission to work closer with venues to help them connect deeper with users. We want to help our portfolio of partners bring their brands to life for customers. From promotion with our partner Weve, to compelling retail offers through Priority, mobile payment capabilities such as Charge to Mobile and broader data analytics from Smart Steps, it’s about making customers lives better through our digital services.

>> Download the free O2 Wifi App for iPhone/iPad

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Source: news.o2.co.uk

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