Oppo and others poke fun at Samsung’s Galaxy S5

galaxy s5

Samsung just can’t seem to catch a break. They got folks amped up for the release of the Galaxy S5, then let a lot of consumers down with a lackluster product. Think we’re being biased? Think again, as most of the polls on the net show that not too many people are excited about Samsung’s incoming flagship. We’re used to Apple and other major players taking shots at Sammy, but even Oppo decided to get in on the fun today.htc.s5.dig

We’ve seen HTC take a shot at the S5 with their poorly executed “Buyers Remorse” tweet and threw another jab with “hope you’re ready to be One-upped.”  We won’t rehash the “band-aid” joke, but will say it was fitting once you get a look at the Gold S5’s back plate. Nokia also got in on the joke by saying they’re not the “Samesung” while Oppo took a more subtle approach with their upcoming Oppo Find 7 by posting the pic you see below.oppo-vs-sgs5

Samsung really puts itself out there when touting its new product while making fun of others. Looks like the joke is on them with the Galaxy S5 as the net as a whole is universally unimpressed. While the Oppo Find 7 may not be a direct competitor to the S5 (this year), it’s nice to see the little guys having some fun. Rest assured, this isn’t the last shot taken towards Samsung and we expect them to return fire when and if they drop that Premium S5 we’ve all been hearing about.

Via: GforGames

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