Project Ara could come for $50 starting price

Motorola Project Ara

When the acquisition for Motorola by Lenovo came to light, many were quick to question what assets Google had kept for themselves, most of the patent portfolio was kept by the Internet search giant, and Project Ara was another part of Motorola that did not make its way to the Lenovo’s hands.

For those that have forgot, Project Ara was Motorola’s modular smartphone project they were working on. The team behind the modular project consisted of some well verse players in the mobile and technology world, along with Dave Hakkens, creator of the viral campaign Phonebloks.

The end goal is not just to make a smartphone with replaceable parts, but to make a platform where those parts would be sold and created on a standardised set of rules, fitting specific board sizes.

Google sees this as an opportunity in the next two years and the company loves “moonshots”, like Google Glass, Moon Elevators, medication to stay alive for a few hundred more years and self-driving cars.

There are still issues with the global open approach to smartphone parts, mostly getting manufacturers to adopt this model when the mobile business is already successful enough, especially for chip makers like Qualcomm.

Google has obviously provided Android as the big open source platform for mobile software, but to make a hardware platform with the same might and contribution, it will be even harder, especially since they just gave up Motorola’s factory.

The biggest news to come from the Time Techland article on Project Ara is the price point Google is looking to hit for a barebones unit, possibly coming at a $50 start price for a phone with a display, WiFi component and battery.

Google do not want to make any profit from Project Ara if it ever become a public project, instead wanting to make the same impact as Android did with low-cost and an open platform.

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