Rumor: iPhone 6 may see a Summer release


Apple is one of the few companies you won’t see at MWC, CES or anywhere else for that matter as they tend to do things their own way. New iPhones used to come out in the summer, but things were shifted to the fall although the latest Apple rumor leads us to believe that may not be the case with the upcoming iPhone 6.

Many assume that the new iPhone 6 will be released this September, and a lot of consumers hope Apple will finally release a bigger device considering they branched out and dropped an iPhone variant last year. A new report from Abhey Lamba, an analyst for Mizuho Securities, says that the iPhone 6 and matching phablet will probably see a release in July instead of later in the year.

Suppliers in Japan and Asia are said to be ramping up production on things earlier than expected and this could be because Apple is going to drop the new devices early or they may just be trying to get ahead of things this year before their usual fall release. Every year we hear stories about shortages before and after a new i-device is released, so this could definitely be the reason for getting an early start.

Next to nothing is known about the incoming devices from Apple, but rumors point towards a larger iPhone 6 and a phablet in the 5.5-inch range. Regardless of when Apple decides to release their new gadgets, you can bet the farm a bigger iPhone or iPhablet will be the hottest seller of the season if they to switch things up with the screen size.

Source: Streetinsider, Via – BGR


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