Sony Introduces SmartBand And Its LifeLog Concept

Sony Smartband main

Sony has introduced its personal fitness tracking band, part of its SmartWear Experience the SmartBand brings a “colourful, fun entertainment experiences to users’ lives”.

Sony Smartband closeupThe SmartBand is a fully waterproof (rated IP582) band with a removable ‘core’ unit, meaning that it can be worn (inside the band) or simply carried on your person. It’s light at around 20g, of which the removable core is 6g, and it is designed to count your steps and physical activities when sleeping, walking and running and relay that data back to the LifeLog app over Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

It contains a 35mA Lithium Polymer battery which gives an operating time of around 5 days. It charges via its MicroUSB connector and has built in NFC for one touch pairing. It can function as a media remote for pausing or skipping tracks but is limited to 3 LED indicators for a display so can’t tell you the time or display notifications.

The SmartBand together with the LifeLog application combine to track moments in your life including places visited, music listened to, games played, and books read.

The LifeLog App is available for Android only, and requires Android 4.4 or greater.

Initially available in Black, Sony say a variety of Smartband colour styles will be available after launch – including a special limited edition to celebrate the 2014 FIFA World CupTM.

The Smartband looks like an interesting device for personal fitness tracking, but personally I see more potential in the Huawei TalkBand B1 which includes a headset and full display. I’ll have to wait for some hands on time to give a more detailed comparison though.

>> Official Sony Smartwear site

>> SmartBand SWR10 White paper (pdf)

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