Apple expanding integration of Siri to third party apps


ios-siriApple has been very protective of Siri in the past few years, not sharing it to any third party developers or adding it to a whole range of applications. Siri sits waiting for the user to double tap the home-button, but the amount of functionality available is quite limited.

We may see this change sometime this year, as Apple prepares to launch the iWatch, their first wearable, they need a way for users to interact with the user interface without tapping or scrolling, somewhere Siri could be useful.

Adding Siri onto apps will allow iOS to feel more like Android, where functionality is the same between applications both first party and third party, it could also open up more usefulness for Siri.

Apple has obviously not had the best success with Siri, compared to Google Now, it has failed to really deliver on the promise of timely information and helpful assistance, more often shoving a web-page in your face when you ask a question.

If Siri could take book a taxi on Uber, if it could find the best restaurants in the area through Foursquare, if it could post a tweet, write a status, post a photo to different social networks and send an email, we could see it being the most loved feature for the iWatch.

The report from The Information goes into detail about how Apple needs to open up to third party developers if they are to succeed in the smartwatch battle, simply because user input will not be as simple on a smaller device.

Apple is also set to include biometrics and other fitness tools for developers too on the iWatch, allowing fitness trackers, health analysers and other apps to take advantage of having information from your wrist, we may even see a heart rate sensor, similar to the Galaxy S5.

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