Apple Releases iPhone5C 8GB Model To Try And Boost Sales

iphone5c now available in 8gb

Sales of the iPhone5C since release are rumoured to be poor. We don’t know for sure as Apple doesn’t split out it’s 5C and 5S sales figures, but various sources in the UK mobile carriers have confirmed it’s not exactly flying out the doors.

And seemingly by way of confirmation, Apple have today released an 8GB version of the 5C – without any major fuss it has simply appeared online.

The 8GB 5C model from Apple costs £429 which is less than the £469 of the previous 16GB model.

Its likely carriers will provide even greater subsidies on this to try and help shift inventory of the 5C. O2 for example are offering the 8GB 5C for £29.99 upfront on their £33/month 2GB data plan whereas the 16GB model is £89.99 upfront on the same 4G plan.

Of course anyone who’s picked up the 8GB last generation models of the iPhone 4S and 4, as previously offered by Apple, will know 8GB doesn’t give you much to play with. A few songs and pictures and you’re running up against the storage limit on the device leading to what is frankly a poor user experience from a company that prides itself on the exact opposite.

Is Apple simply trying to get into the lower markets, or desperately trying to shift a large stock of brightly coloured 5C cases sitting around in warehouses?

iPad2 RIP

Finally, the ‘oh-so-long-in-the-tooth iPad2′ has also been removed from service. Presumably after finally exhausting the iPad2 production the only options available from today are the iPad Air and the iPad with Retina, which is the 4th generation iPad with the lightning connector.

apple drops ipad2 leaving ipad air and ipad with retina

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