Apple suppliers aiming for 90 million iPhone 6 units this year


Even though Apple has continuously grown the smartphone business every year, progress on a year by year scale is starting to slow. This has put Apple in a little bit of slump, alongside Samsung, who both cannot reach their peak levels.

This year, Apple could be looking to make a big move in the smartphone area with the iPhone 6. According to sources in the supply chain, Foxconn is preparing to manufacture 90 million units this year alone.

Compared to last year, where Apple managed to sell 51 million iPhone 5S and 5C units, this is a big step up and one that can be attributed to a possible earlier launch and the possibility of two different models, the iPhone 6 and the iPhablet.

The earlier launch could be something Apple wants to start doing with their flagship smartphones, considering Samsung, Sony and HTC will already have their newest flagship available before the end of April.

We believe Apple will look to launch the iPhone 6 sometime in June, possibly at WWDC. The conference is normally used to launch the new version of iOS, but this year it could come with two new iPhones.

Apple will be redesigning the iPhone 6 as they have with every number change on the iPhone. Rumours and leaks suggest a very thin design will be coming to the device, along with the possibility of wireless charging.

This will not be the only big gadget to hit the stores from Apple this year, the iPad Pro and iWatch will both bring new flair to the company’s image, especially the iWatch, which will be the first new market for Apple under Tim Cook.

We believe most of the changes on iOS8 will be towards the iWatch, tailoring the experience for the smaller display, making Siri and iCloud available to third parties and adding various fitness and biometrics to the iWatch.

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