BBC Reveals New Look iPlayer With Responsive Design And Improved Recommendations

bbc updated iPlayer

The BBC has updated it’s tv-catchup and streaming service, iPlayer with some key changes primarily designed to reflect the growing traffic driven to iPlayer from mobile devices.

The update now includes a responsive design, allowing iPlayer to adapt is layout, and some functionality, depending on what kind of device is being used.

iPlayer will now also provide better mechanisms for recommending programs, after research showed up to 42% of people arrived at the homepage with no particular programme to watch in mind. There will also be a greater emphasis on the BBC’s own offerings.

Lastly, subject to approval by the BBC Trust, the channel BBC Three will be moved to an online only offering, meaning its content will solely be available on iPlayer after confirmation by director general Tony Hall that it was part of a coast savings plan.

Via: BBC News

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