Google announces Android Wear, Smartwatches on the way from LG and Motorola

android wear

It’s official. Google stepped into the world of wearable tech today with the announcement of Android Wear, an extension of the Android platform specifically designed for wearables.

Details are still a little light, but Google Now and fitness will be key features going forward. You’ll be able toLG G Watch track your speed and distance in real-time and use Google Maps to get directions while you’re on the go. As you’d expect, you’ll be able to receive notifications from your connected Android device and you’ve got Google Now on hand as well in case you want to “OK Google” something.

Soon after the announcement, we we’re hit with not one, but two new upcoming smartwatches from LG and Motorola. First up is the LG G Watch, a square black watch with a simplistic design. The watch was developed in “collaboration” with Google and little else is known aside from the fact it’s due out in Q2 of this year.

If you’re looking for something a little spiffier, you’ll be thrilled with Motorola’s offering in the form of the Moto 360. They went the classic route for their smartwatch and showed off a few different “faces” with a classic look. We’re definitely digging the round design, and have to admit it’s one of the better looking smartwatches we’ve seen. Well 360

Neither device has a firm release date, but it looks like the Moto 360 may be the first out of the gate as Motorola has said it will be available in a variety of styles “globally” this summer. These two are just the first of many smartwatches we expect to see released on the Android Wear platform this year as Fossil, Samsung, Asus and others have been listed as partners on the Android Wear site. Stay tuned, as we expect to hear a lot more about the LG G Watch and Moto 360 over the coming weeks.

Source: Google, LG, Motorola

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