HTC One M8 Passes Water Resistant Stress Test With Flying Colours


It may be the hottest smartphone on the scene as of a few hours ago, but will its shiny metal body and gorgeous touchscreen survive being dropped from a 70 foot crane? Will it still remain in one piece after being steamrolled into oblivion? Can I still make a phone call with the HTC One M8 after putting it in a blender? Well the answer to all of those questions is probably a solid ‘no’ and if you attempt them then you probably shouldn’t be given expensive smartphones any more.  However, one group of people insane enough to both put fancy smartphones under stress tests and are trusted enough to be given the HTC One M8 is TechSmartt, who have now confirmed one of the phone’s slightly more hidden features.

As confirmed by TechSmartt, the HTC One M8 is water resistance, and impressively so. How did they come to this conclusion? By fully submerging the phone in water and leaving it there for over an hour of course! As crazy as their theory may read, the idea behind it is sound; people leave their phones in trouser pockets and put those trousers in the washing machine all the time and some of them are probably even forgetful enough to go swimming with their trusty mobile in their hands too, so this is good knowledge to be privy to before forking out for a new high-end mobile.

According to TechSmartt’s none too scientific results (putting the phone in water and timing it was about as much scientific process as went into the experience), the HTC One M8 completely survived their water resistance stress test, with the only thing that they had to do afterwards being ‘wipe the phone clear of water’ and the phone was as good as new so given that the phone will last a heck of a long time in a few inches of water, when it might have accidentally gotten it here, having a a towel handy to dry it off is a fairly decent result to concede.

Watch a video of TechSmartt’s HTC One M8 water resistance stress test below.

Source: Mashable

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