LG G3 Rumoured to Feature Waterproof, Dustproof Specs

LG G2 image

‘Anything you can do, we can do better’ seems to be the mantra here, as LG are using some moderately sized guns for its next flagship smartphone. Undoubtedly, its biggest competitors in the Android space are Sony and Samsung, which is why it makes sense that LG’s next (rumoured) flagship handset, the LG G3, is reportedly set to feature both waterproof and dustproof specs.

Making phones water and dustproof is not a new feature either, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active featuring similar specs last year, but now, it’s making a splash in a big way, albeit the kind of splash that won’t see your phone rendered unusable. We’ve already seen the Sony Xperia Z include waterproofing, and the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S5 is also set to be waterproof when it’s released and given just how popular each of these phones was and is likely to be, the LG G3 featuring waterproof and dustproof specs allows the handset to compete better, even when the weight of the other brands will undoubtedly muscle the phone out of the largest percentage of the sales.

While waterproof and dustproof specs are looking to become the norm when it comes to high-end smartphones, another way that the LG G3 is also taking cues from its counterparts is that it is also rumoured to feature a fingerprint scanner, similar to that of both the iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

While this has yet to be confirmed by LG (who have also yet to announce the LG G3), deciding to add this into their phone, in addition to the water and dustproof specs, makes the phone a slightly less expensive yet valuable alternative to its competitors, given that it is unlikely that LG’s handset will command such a price as the other smartphones. As the LG G3 has yet to be confirmed, however, these specs are just rumours, but we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

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