LG gives Light Bulbs a brain with the new LG Smart Bulb

lg smart bulb

The Internet of Things is a term you’ve probably been hearing a lot lately, as more products and appliances become connected. Light Bulb’s generally aren’t something you think of when it comes to smart gadgets, but LG hopes to change that with the LG Smart Bulb.

If you’re wondering just how “smart” a light bulb can be… prepare to be amazed. The LG Smart Bulb can light up a room just like a standard bulb, but it can connect to your favorite Android or iOS device which allows it to pull off some nifty tricks.

For starters, the LG Smart Bulb has a “security mode” which lets you turn the bulb on and off remotely like someone is home when you’re out and about. Certainly more high-tech than those old plug-in light timers. The smart bulb can also put out a strobe effect whenever you receive a phone call and it can “dance” to the beat of your favorite tune if you use the bulb with an Android device.

The neatest feature of the LG Smart Bulb would have to be the alarm/nap function. No, it doesn’t play a jarring sound to wake you from your slumber, instead it gradually increases the light from the bulb in place of assaulting your eyeballs with bright, shiny light. LG has said the bulb can last up to 10 years with 5 hours of usage per day, so it’s definitely got a lifespan longer than your typical off the shelf bulb.

As cool as the LG Smart Bulb is, there is a bit of a catch. At this time the company is only releasing the Smart Bulbs in Korea where they’ll cost 35,000 Won or around £20/$32USD. There’s been no word on when the fancy bulbs will launch overseas, hopefully we’ll hear something from LG soon.

Source: LG


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