LG rumored to be behind the upcoming Nexus 6 and Google Smartwatch

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As you know, the rumor mill is a fickle beast and it never sleeps… not even a wink. Today we’re learning that LG may be the ones behind the new Nexus 6 and that’s not the only device they’re working on.

The news comes from Gizmodo.de who got wind of the news last week at MWC when their sources tipped them that LG was set to produce the Nexus 6 and that it would be a “lightweight” version of the upcoming LG G3. The site also went on to say that LG has apparently partnered up with Google for the companies first smartwatch as well.

As you’d expect, we know absolutely nothing about the new Nexus 6, but a quick glance at the previous models gives us a good idea of what to expect as they were essentially “lite” versions of LG’s flagship devices. It’s safe to say you’ll get an FHD Display around 5-inches with a Snapdragon 800 and 2-3GB of RAM. Hopefully the cameras will get a bump up from the previous models, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Sundar Pichai had already confirmed that a new Nexus would be headed our way later this year as usual, and having LG handle the Nexus again isn’t really a surprise to most of us as they produced the last two Nexus handsets. Stay tuned, as we expect to hear a whole lot of Nexus rumors as we get closer to the summer and Google I/O.

Source: Gizmodo.de via- BGR


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