More iOS8 Leaks Show More Info On New Healthbook App

ios8 healthbook screenshot

Very oddly for Apple, particularly after their “doubling down on security” we’re seeing yet more iOS8 leaked images, following on from the one from last week.

9to5Mac is at again, with yet more screenshots of the supposed health tracking App built into iOS8 – Healthbook.

Mirroring the design of the somewhat faltering Passcard App, each card expands to reveal greater information on that area.

ios8 healthbook screenshot 2

The App will apparently track huge amounts of information including heartrate, hydration, blood pressure and steps, although how some of this information will be collected remains to be seen, and further points to a wearable device that can measure some of these additional statistics.

Aios8 healthbook screenshot 3

A huge part of personal fitness tracking involves the tracking of sleep too, and this is something the Healthbook App devotes a decent amount of tracking too. Currently sleep tracking is done via a wrist work monitoring device (iWatch anyone?) or by placing your iPhone on your mattress and it recording movements that way.

ios8 healthbook screenshot 4 - sleep tracking

While sleep tracking is shown, its not clear if this will be integrated into the alarm clock feature to facilitate the “wake at point of lightest sleep” that many intelligent alarm clocks try and employ.

Via: 9to5Mac

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