Motorola Hangout reveals more information on the Moto 360


Motorola held a brief Google Hangout today to discuss and reveal some more features on the Moto 360, their new smartwatch running Android Wear.

Most of the conversation was about how Motorola decided to come to the round form factor, Jim Wicks, head of Consumer Experience Design, discussed how the team wanted to make this like a normal watch.

Motorola will be adding two different types of bands onto the Moto 360, metal and leather. When asked about making the watch more orientated to women, Wicks did hint at more on the way and said the bands will be replaceable.

moto 360There will be no USB connector on the Moto 360, while Wicks did not confirm anything, it appears the smartwatch will run on wireless charging, allowing it to have no connectors on the watch-face. The Moto 360 will also be water resistant, although we are not sure what standard it will be certified, Wicks did not say waterproof as well.

Talking about power management, Wicks said that the Moto Active offered a great look at how to build a watch with great battery life and said the team will spare no comprises when it comes to offering quality battery life.

Android Wear played a big part in how Motorola designed the Moto 360, Google has added circle and square screen functionality, allowing manufacturers to choose the design of the smartwatch, the watch will also automatically orientated to face the right way.

The Moto 360 will work with all Android devices running Jelly Bean 4.3 and over, mostly due to the low-energy Bluetooth support. When asked if Motorola will develop any more, Wicks hinted that more wearables could be coming.

Motorola wants to have this out into the mass market, when asked about countries like Brazil and UK, the representative said they want to push the Moto 360 out to everyone. Considering the months we had to wait before the Moto X was available in the UK, we can only hope they have learned their lesson.

No price was confirmed on the Hangout, but we do know the Moto 360 will be coming in Summer 2014. Wicks did have a fully working prototype with the Android Wear interface running.

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