Mozilla Shows Off A £15/$25 Smartphone

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Mozilla unveiled at Mobile World Congress that together with the Shanghai-based  semiconductor company Spreadtrum they have come up with a reference design smartphone running Firefox OS and costing as little as $25.

In an interview with Wired, Firefox VP Johnathan Nightingale said they did extensive research into “growth markets”, where the phone would be targeted, and found the key drivers are very different from the traditional markets.

That market doesn’t need a 6-inch screen.

Large displays aren’t important, for someone using a smartphone for the first time, a 3.5″ is more than enough. Battery life where power can be inconsistent is also important, and the light nimble Firefox OS (running on 128MB RAM) helps keep power requirements to a minimum.

Photo credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET

Surprisingly in a price conscious development, the phone also includes dual-SIM slots, again something critical to the nature of the mobile market in developing countries, where monthly contracts are virtually non-existent. In fact many people surveyed were using triple-SIM devices, and Nightingale even commented he found one ‘unofficial’ device running 4 SIM slots!

The web has a long history of having to scale up and down based on your device

The phone can run HTML5 based web Apps, and covers all the other necessity’s like calling, SMS, audio and video playback and email and web browsing.

Key specs include:

  • System: Firefox OS, Simple and All Important Application Supported
  • Processor: SC6821
  • Chipest: Cortex A5-based chipset
  • WCDMA Supports: Yes
  • Internet Support: Yes, EDGE Networks
  • 3G connectivity: Yes
  • Screen: Touchscreen 3.5-inch HVGA panels
  • Camera: Yes
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Others: FM Radio, MP3, MP4
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