Neptune Pine Smartwatch Delayed A Month

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It was back in November the Neptune Pine smartwatch concept launched on Kickstarter, and I after reading Adam’s piece on it I decided to back it and give the first fully featured Android smartwatch/phone concept a go.

The Neptune Pine is not a watch linked to a smartphone, but a fully functioning Android smartphone shrunk down to a 2.4″ display capable of being mounted on a watch strap.

Due to extended testing by the FCC the original shipping date of end of March has had to be pushed back to April 30th to allow for “new antenna calibration guidelines set forth by the FCC”.

neptune pine smartwatch

In an email just sent out to all Kickstarter backers, the revised scheduled for the next month is as follows:

  • PCB Testing Definition – March 27 to 30 
  • Antenna Calibration (as per FCC’s guidelines) – March 28 to April 19
  • Final Tooling Confirmation – March 31 
  • User Manual & Warranty Printed – April 4 
  • End of reliability tests – April 11 
  • Outer Casings Ready – April 17 
  • SMT Production – April 20 to 22 
  • Assembly – April 23 to 29 
  • Shipping - April 30

By way of an apology, they have offered a full refund to anyone who decides they don’t want to wait any longer, and to those that keep their order they are offering a complimentary free Bumper for the unit, and a $100 gift certificate off of our future second-generation product.

The delay is unfortunate, but backing a Kickstarter project typically means you’re investing in unproven and sometimes undeveloped technology, and as such the unexpected can happen during design and production.

So, I’ll update here again with any further news, and of course when the Pine eventually arrives in my hands!



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