New HTC One already sold on eBay for £270


The new HTC One may not be available for commercial sale until April or May, but someone has already sold a unit on eBay for $499 (£270) boxed in the US on Verizon Wireless.

Starting at $199, the new HTC One was added onto eBay and did not get taken down throughout the selling period. It is interesting that no officials from HTC decided to step in and make sure the product was not able to sell.

As media attention caught onto the eBay listing, more people bid on the device and it managed to go for $499. This is obviously quite a low price for a consumer gadget not official available yet, we remember when Gizmodo bought the iPhone 4 for $4,000 (£2,400) in a few years ago.

There is not that much hype surrounding the new HTC One, while the iPhone 4 at the time had a limited amount of leaks and Apple kept a really tight ship, HTC has had almost every detail on their new flagship leaked and dozens of leaked photos.

The back of the box details all of the specs and it matches what we have heard from every verified source so far, including the Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and 5-inch full HD display.

BoomSound and the Duo Camera appear to be the two big features on the new HTC One. We loved the audio on the original One with BoomSound and Beats did an impressive job offering loud and well tuned audio for the smartphone.

The Duo Camera is by far the most odd and exciting new feature coming to the HTC One, offering a way to create 3D effects on photo and video. We will also see a new version of Sense UI to accompany the launch, reportedly adding new ways to unlock the smartphone and more integration with Google Now.

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