New report finds Android KitKat more stable than iOS 7.1


A new report from Crittercism on crash results has shown Android is more stable than iOS in almost every update in the past three years, showing Google has been working on minimising the crash rates of applications and programs.

The report comes from a service compiling data from one billion active monthly users, performing three billion app events daily. Taking all of this data from different partnered applications, they are able to review what OS versions are the most stable.

Interestingly, Android Gingerbread 2.3, released three years ago, has the same crash rate as iOS 7.1, just released a few weeks ago. Both hit 1.7 percent crash rate, although we are not sure about the scale of crashes to non crashes and what types of applications are making the OS crash.

The further down we go in iOS, the worst it gets, with iOS 7 at 2.1 percent crash rate and iOS 6 at 2.4 percent. These are still pretty low, but show the weaknesses in Apple’s platform when compared to Android. It also shows how much Google has improved Android’s crash rate over the course of three years.

As soon as we get away from Gingerbread, Android maintains a 0.7 percent crash rate on Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat. It is a little weird to not see any difference between the three versions, perhaps Ice Cream Sandwich brought something to the table that made Android crash rates almost nonexistent.

Samsung apparently has the lowest crash rate out of all OEM partners running Android, the report did not disclose who has the highest, possibly because the amount of partners Android has in different countries.

This is a weird change from what we expected to see, considering iOS is always considered the superior operating system when it comes to security and performance. Android does allow more powerful components and the iPhone may not be able to keep up with some applications on the Apps Store.

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