Oppo sends out interactive invites for the Oppo Find 7 unveiling

oppo find 7

The Oppo Find 7 is really getting people excited, something other manufactures have failed to do for the most part in 2014. Oppo is gearing up to show off their flagship on the 19th, and invites have started making their way towards those lucky enough to attend the big event. There are still some things we don’t know about the device, but we do know that the invitations are the coolest thing you’re likely to see today.

Oppo has managed to generate quite the buzz for the Oppo Find 7, and their invites are certainly going to add to that. Lucky attendees were sent black boxes that contain three things – a map, QR codes, and a Pyramid of sorts. The map and QR codes are nothing unusual, but the pyramid is something we guarantee you haven’t seen before. We’re not going to spoil it, so just watch the video below and prepare to be amazed.

As for the Oppo Find 7 itself, we know for a fact that the company will release two versions of the Find 7 with FHD and 2K models. You can expect the innards to be top-notch as well with a speedy Snapdragon 800 and 2-3GB of RAM. Needless to say, the Find 7 will be at the top of the heap when the official specs are unveiled next week.

If you’re in the market for a new handset this year, there are a lot of devices to consider. Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, and Apple all have new offerings on the way or in the works, and if the Oppo Find 7 is as slick as we’re being led to believe, a lot more people are going to be familiar with the brand by the time 2015 rolls around.

Source: GizChina


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