PayPal Bringing Mobile Payments To Restaurants

PayPal Bringing Mobile Payments To Restaurants

PayPal is still experimenting with ways to bring its mobile payments to the mainstream public, with its pre-pay debit card connected to your account, and increasing the feature-set of its mobile App on iOS and Android.

Now in the UK they have added the ability to “Pay at Table” for many restaurants, and even some high street retailers like Millets and JD Sports, directly from the PayPal App itself.

The App lets you pay for your food within the restaurant, generating a 4 digit code the server can authenticate at the till and confirm payment has taken place.

PayPal Bringing Order Ahead To RestaurantsIn an age where credit card fraud is a frequent issue, the ability to pay for something without directly handing over your card is certainly more secure and will become more and more commonplace as it becomes easier to do.

Contactless payment cards and services like PayPal are paving the way for faster and more convenient payments in the retail environment. PayPal state they alone processed $27 billion in mobile payments globally in 2013!

To further enhance their service, PayPal are also bring Order Ahead to selected restaurants, Wagamama being the first chain to add this ability in the UK.

Order Ahead allows you to browse the menu and order food from within the PayPal App.


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