Plantronics New Voyager Edge Bluetooth Headset Innovation and Design Award At MWC

plantronics voyager edge black

Plantronics released their latest Bluetooth headset at Mobile World Congress recently, the Voyager Edge a futuristic looking, amazingly designed piece of hardware.

With not only a new design, it brings several new features from previous models like the M165, the last one I reviewed. many of which resolve the only issues I had with it.

plantronics voyager edge black side onDespite its incredibly thin design, using Bluetooth 4.0 it still manages up to 6 hours talk time and 7 days standby time, and comes with its own portable charging case which (via its own chargeable battery)  can provide 10 more hours of talk time.

It has three separate microphones for the most advanced wind and noise cancelling available, and the best audio/voice quality of any Plantronics headset so far.

One of my main previous bugbears with the Plantronics headsets appears to have been solved too. Although they allow the streaming of music/podcasts etc. over Bluetooth, there was no play/pause control from the headset – the new Voyager Edge now has this.

Contacts Sync – a great new feature is the Edge will sync your address book lcoally, allowing it to voice announce the caller-id of known numbers to you, allowing you to make the decision of whether to answer or reject a call.

So its no wonder that the Voyager Edge has won the Envisioneering’s Innovation and Design Awards at Mobile World Congress Showstoppers Event last month.

Darrin Caddes, vice president of Corporate Design for Plantronics said:

It is truly an honour for our latest Bluetooth headset to be recognized at such a renowned, global event. Plantronics has been developing wearable technology for decades and Voyager Edge is a continuation of our commitment to expand our product potential beyond communication and into the wealth of potential that exists in the wearable space. The Voyager Edge is a perfect model of how wearables can be elegant and discrete while delivering a valuable experience to the end user.

We should be getting a review unit in soon, and I’ll give you my thoughts on Plantronics’ latest bluetooth headset.

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