Rumor Roundup: The Mysterious OnePlus One

oneplus one smartphone

OnePlus One is a new smartphone company that’s been labeled as ‘vaporware’ by some and the greatest thing since sliced bread by others – mainly the people behind the device. In a world of leaks, virtually nothing has leaked on the OnePlus One, but today CEO Pete Lau told us what chip would be powering the upcoming device and last night they held an AMA on Reddit.

Before we talk about the processor, here’s what we know about the OnePlus One before todays announcement and last night’s AMA. The handset is scheduled to arrive in Q2 of this year, and will be sold unlocked for less than $400. It will run CyanogenMod (2yrs guaranteed updates) and unlike a lot of new devices, it won’t have a ‘variant’ so what you see is what you’ll get. This is nice as you won’t have to worry about a mini or premium version 2 months after the OnePlus One hits the streets.

As for the processor, the OnePlus one will rock a Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip clocked at 2.3GHz. There are other chips out there that may be a little newer or faster, but the Snapdragon 800 has generally been the processor of choice for all the new flagships so it’s nice to see OnePlus One going with something solid.

The AMA last night on Reddit was just as vague as you’d expect although a few things did pop out. The OnePlus One will be available in 10+ countries at launch, have 9-band LTE support, stereo speakers, and rooting won’t void your warranty.  The product lifecycle will be around 6-12 months, but they danced around anything regarding specs for the most part and we still have absolutely no idea what it will look like.

The OnePlus One is shaping up to be an interesting device, but there’s not a lot we can say about it as the company has remained silent on the things we really want to know about – the size and appearance. We’ll keep you in the loop as things progress, as you can expect more cryptic responses from OnePlus One as their campaign rolls forward.

Source: Reddit, OnePlus One

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