Samsung’s ATIV SE Verizon Handset Shown Off in Leaked Images

Samsung ATIV SE image

While it’s hard to shrug off the notion that the South Korean technology company are only experts in the field of Google’s Android operating system due to their dominance in the market, Samsung are generally a good all-rounder, also being able to step up to the plate to hit it out of the park wherever the consumers are. That’s likely the key reason why Samsung have teamed up with telecommunications network Verizon to release the Samsung ATIV SE, a Windows 8 handset that will launch with the carrier and establish Samsung as the brand to buy when it comes to smartphones.

Not only does the phone further establish Samsung’s market dominance or make both them and Verizon a lot of money (and it will certainly do that too), it also helps the Windows mobile operating system get ahead in a race that it is rather ironically losing to Apple’s iOS and Android, where Samsung do phenomenally well. And what better way to cling onto your market share than with a classily outfitted phone that you’d be happy to star at in a display case and runs Windows 8.1? As shown in the leaked Samsung ATIV SE photos, courtesy of notorious smartphone leaking Twitter account @evleaks, the phone somewhat resembles that of Samsung’s Galaxy line, a line of phones which are gorgeous to look at anyway, so you’ll hear few complaints about copycat design here. Too, the phone’s silver chassis seems to have more than enough room for the ATIV SE’s rumoured 5 inch screen, which is also said to display picture in 1080p HD, making it very high-end indeed.

The Samsung ATIV SE also establishes its worth by offering 4G LTE support, meaning that things will run speedy fast on a data network as they will look crisp and clear on that aforementioned screen. Unfortunately, however, the leaks are somewhat scant on other specs and these have yet to be announced just yet, but we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: engadget

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