Smartphones without a Bezel may become a reality soon


One of the main things smartphone owners long for is a bezel-less smartphone. Those tiny black bars can send people into a fit, and let’s face it… an edge-to-edge display would be lovely. According to a new report out of Korea, those bezels may soon go the way of the dinosaur.

CrucialTec is a display maker that specializes in touch panels and fingerprint sensors, and according to the company’s CEO Charles Ahn, they have a “matrix-switching touch screen panel that will bring dramatic change to the market.” Ahn predicts those fancy new displays will come out in the first half of this year and bring with them the bezel free future we’ve all dreamed of.

As for the company itself, you may not know the name, but they are rumored to be the folks behind Samsung’s fingerprint scanner in the upcoming Galaxy S5. Remember those rumors about the Galaxy S5 having a fingerprint scanner “embedded” into the screen? Apparently only CrucialTec and Synaptics are the only folks with the tech to pull that off, and Ahn has sent a warning to any companies thinking about copycatting their process as they’ve been “beefing up their legal team” in an attempt to prevent any tech theft.

A phone without bezels may not be a big deal to some, but it can drastically change the look of a handset as witnessed by the countless bezel free renders we’ve seen floating around the net. If Samsung or anyone else decides to drop a phone that’s sans bezels this year, you can bet it will be a top seller, and other companies will find a way to follow suit.

Source: Korea Herald, via – G4Games

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