T-Mobile to Offer the Samsung Galaxy S5 For $0 Upfront, Pre-Orders Begin March 24th

Samsung Galaxy S5 image

If you want a premium smartphone, then you have to be prepared to pay a premium for it. Be prepared to pay through the nose for a high-end mobile device, as it will cost you an arm and leg. Appendage-based money analogies aside, no matter how you phrase it, having the latest smartphone can be expensive, which is perhaps one of the ways why US T-Mobile’s ‘UnCarrier’ service has been doing so well as of late. UnCarrier is said to make owning a smartphone just that little bit cheaper and now, the network have announced, they’re offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 as part of the deal.

To explain what UnCarrier is (and what it isn’t), if T-Mobile can offer you a better deal than your current network provider and you want to take a walk on the T-Mo side of life, you can switch networks and they’ll pay the fee for you to end your existing mobile contract. UnCarrier also often comes with the added bonus of not having to pay a single penny upfront for your next mobile device, but what this doesn’t mean is that you’re getting a phone for free, as UnCarrier ties you into a contract with T-Mobile for 24 months. So if the network’s coverage isn’t quite what you’ve hoped, you’re stuck with little way out. That’s the type of warning that people will want to know if they decide to use UnCarrier to get a Samsung Galaxy S5 for nothing, as T-Mobile say that if you get the phone with them, you’ll pay no down payment, eliminating the often pricey cost of getting your hands on a device before you’ve even forked out for the expensive contract fees.

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S5 on T-Mobile’s UnCarrier contract begin on March 24th, which they’ve announced in a press release. This same press release also suggests that families with four lines on UnCarrier, all on 24 month contracts, can save $1,200 in comparison to those on AT&T or Verizon, so while there is that added benefit, it also seems like a large commitment so should you take up T-Mobile’s offer, this is something to consider.

Via engadget, T-Mobile

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