The 20-inch Panasonic ToughPad 4K UT-MA6 is Official


Panasonic loves their ToughPad’s and consumers in the market for a high-end tablet that can take a beating are going to surely love the Panasonic ToughPad 4K UT-MA6. It’s the “Premium” version of the ToughPad and its set to roll out next month.

The ToughPad 4K UT-MA6 is about as high-end as you can get if you’re looking for a tablet that’s a quite a bit larger than your typical tablet. The 4K ToughPad comes in at 20-inches and has an insane resolution of 3840 x 2560. Under the hood, you’ll find an Intel Core i7 (2.1GHz) paired with at NVIDIA K1000M GPU, 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. panasonic.toughpad

Rounding things out are dual shooters of the 5MP/0.9MP variety, a trio of USB 3.0 ports, SDXC slot, mini display port, and all the usual bells & whistles like NFC, Bluetooth, and WiFi. The ToughPad 4K UT-MA6 will run Windows 8.1 and will come with Panasonics E-Touch Pen as well.

Nice specs for any tablet, but especially nice when you consider the size of the beast. We’ve seen tablets this big (or bigger) before, but the ToughPad 4K UT-MA6 actually packs quite the punch to go along with all that glass. As for the glass, it’s tough as is the magnesium alloy frame considering it’s rated to withstand drops of between 1 – 2.5 feet depending on how you’re using it. You don’t want to take a hammer to it, but it can withstand the occasional drop which is never a bad thing.  toughpad4k

The ToughPad 4K UT-MA6 is a beastly tablet build for people that need something tough and fast while they’re on the go. It’s obviously not geared towards your average consumer and the price tag shows that as it’ll set you back $7,000 bucks when it goes on sale next month in the US.

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