4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhone 6 Production Dates Rumoured

iPhone 6 concept render by Steve Hemmerstaffer

According to Japanese website EMSOne [1] via G for Games, citing one of Taiwan’s biggest newspapers, Apple is planning to begin mass production of the 4.7″ iPhone 6 in July with the larger 5.5″ version scheduled to go into mass production in September.

The report notes that both versions of the next-generation iPhone will go on sale at some point during the fourth quarter of this year, with the 4.7-inch iPhone being announced and released earlier than the 5.5-inch iPhone.

iPhone 6 rumours are coming more and more frequently, and unusually for Apple there seems a lot of consistency around the two new display sizes, both of which would be a significant departure from the original smaller displays. Apple stuck with a 3.5″ display for it’s first 5 generations of iPhone, only moving to a larger 4″ display with it’s last two.

Delayed shipping would also be something new, and its likely that Apple feels they simply cannot meet the demand for the standard new iPhone (the 5S was produced in limited quantities and sold out almost immediately) and provide sufficient volume of a second larger one at the same time.

Via: G for Games

[1] Google Translate

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