Amazon Prime Instant Video Licenses Top BBC Content

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There seems to be no keeping Amazon Prime Instant Video out of the news at the moment, this time Amazon has announced they have picked up a a whole raft of top BBC programs to make available on the service.

While I don’t have exact numbers as yet, they are quoting “multiple seasons” of award-winning dramas such as Sherlock, Doctor Who, Call the Midwife, Last Tango in Halifax and Life on Mars .

Also picked up in the deal with BBC Worldwide are a wide rage of classic television shows such as The Office, Absolutely Fabulous, Outnumbered, Red Dwarf and Top Gear.

Amazon Prime Instant Video recently announced that they had become the second most popular streaming service in the US, overtaking both Hulu and Apple, and they look to be making a similar push in the UK, aggressively just months after their February launch, as they seek to overtake Netflix and become the dominant on-demand content provider.

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