Amazon reveals their own set-top box, named Fire TV


Amazon has revealed their own set-top box, bringing in the streaming partners, along with some gaming functionality. The new device, named Fire TV, was announced at Amazon’s Video Business event earlier today.

The rumors on Amazon creating a media device have been circulating for quite some time now and while the rumors put an emphasis on Android gaming, the event had a small part showing off the capabilities but nothing more.

Most of the games will come from Amazon’s pre-existing library on Fire OS and run on the controller developed by Amazon, which they will be selling for an extra $39, on top of the $99 investment for Fire TV.

Amazon will offer Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo and their own Amazon Instant Video service, alongside some other video content. Amazon Cloud users will also be able to stream video and photo from the Kindle Fire to the TV.

When buying the Fire TV, Amazon will offer 1,000 free virtual coins. The user is able to buy games and in game items with these coins and Amazon says the average selling price for a paid game is $1.85, pretty low compared to other consoles.

Amazon has also built a feature called ASAP, which adapts to the viewers choice of programs and features them higher on the recommended list. This allows Amazon to offer content to the viewer that is more useful and they are more likely to watch.

It is nice to see yet another big competitor in the streaming device space, given the lack of real push by Apple or Roku. Chromecast does offer a new way to enjoy viewing content and we are sure it will get better as more partners begin supporting the device.

Fire TV looks like an all-in-one service, but we have already seen the disadvantages with Android gaming and how a lack of quality or unique content can ruin the user’s viewing rate, something Amazon will have to work on internally.