Amazon Video Streaming Now Greater Than Hulu and Apple In US

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In a press release issued today, Amazon have confirmed that their US video streaming services are going extremely well as they confirm their streaming usage of Prime Instant Video has nearly tripled year over year.

Data provided by Qwilt, which tracks growth in online video usage, suggests that “Amazon has now passed both Apple and Hulu in streaming video usage”. Prime Instant Video provides a wide range or movies and television series along with exclusive content, but the omission of Netflix suggests Amazon is still trailing their main rival for the No.1 spot.

The release of their own streaming set-top box (Amazon Fire) may help them further increase their customer base, bringing their service to the living room in a more convenient fashion, but the inclusion of Netflix as an option on the Fire may simply end up growing both services.

Prime Instant Video only launched here in the UK on February 26th, but combined with its free next day delivery service will doubtless prove as successful as it has been over in the US.

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Bill Carr, VP of Digital Video and Music for Amazon said:

We’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars in great TV shows and movies for Prime members and it’s working. As part of their membership, Amazon Prime members can watch their favorite movies and television shows on an unlimited basis, and as we add original content like Alpha HouseBoschThe AfterMozartin the Jungle and Transparent, we have no doubt that customers will be even more delighted with the selection available. And now, with Fire TV, customers have the easiest way to access this content.

Source: Amazon

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