Another Alleged LG G3 Photo Leaks

rumoured leaked lg lg3 handset

Over at they have a picture of what is claimed to be another leaked image of the next LG flagship handset, the G3.

The LG G3 will be the successor to the G2, which was mostly an excellent handset, thin and light with a good screen and camera.

The leaked image is of the rear of the device, which contained the G2’s unique feature – a rear power button and volume rocker, and shows that this will continue in the G3 albeit with some refinement.

The new ‘rocker’ is much flatter and less obtrusive and the looks to be slightly smaller too. The concept of a rear button interface received mixed reactions from consumers and tech pundits alike, but at least it was something different, and LG clearly felt it was useful enough to be included a second time.

You can also make out a second ‘sensor’ opposite the flash, which might be a second flash, second camera, or something else entirely.

Earlier rumours suggest a new 2k (2560 x 1440) high definition display will be in the G3, due this July, and possibly a fingerprint sensor – although lets hope the implementation is better than in the Galaxy S5 where you have to drag your finger over the sensor, and the successful read rate for most is below 50%…

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