Deal Alert: Huawei Y300 £49.95 upgrade only at carphone warehouse

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Deal alert from Carphone Warehouse.

Found by Askrulous

I got one of these a while ago and have been using it ever since. Great phone for the money which has a 5mp camera, a good 4″ screen, plus it handles all the apps I bung on it. You even get a micro sd card slot, unlike some more expensive phones. I’ve actually found the stock rom better than any custom rom (tried about 10-15 from, requiring only a launcher such as holo from google play to rid it off the non app draw launcher it comes with. Excellent Huawei apps such as weather, dlna, backup are preloaded too.

For the money you can’t get better imho.

Please see my first reply below for a direct link to the deal.

You just need to get an upgrade code.

According to carphone warehouse…..

We can upgrade everyone! (If you are due an upgrade that is!!)

Whichever network you’re on and even if you bought your original phone from someone else, we can upgrade you.

Click on a network below to browse our great online offers. If you’d like to upgrade on a network not listed below, please call us on 0800 049 6248^ to speak to our sales team.


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