Google gearing up to replace Nexus Lineup with Silver Certification Program

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Google has gained a lot of fans with their Nexus program over the years starting way back in 2010 with the original Nexus handset and good old Éclair. Remember when things were simpler? In that time Google has produced several generations of smartphones and tablets under the Nexus moniker, but that’s about to change according to a new report. How Silver sound?

According to The Information, Google is going to get rid of the Nexus name in favor of something called the Silver Certification Program or Silver for short. The new program would have manufacturers produce devices on strict guidelines set by Google which would include putting a limit on all those apps you never use that come pre-installed from the manufacturer or carrier.

The move is expected to strengthen Google’s hold on the Android platform and partners mentioned were LG and Motorola – two companies currently working on Android Wear smartwatches. Samsung and HTC aren’t expected to join up with the Silver program which isn’t surprising, especially considering Samsung is moving towards Tizen.

Remember when people screamed about the big name change from Android Market to Google Play? We have no doubt some will be a little upset to see the Nexus branding go if the Silver program becomes a reality, but it sounds like not much will change behind the scenes as far as the products are concerned.

Source: The Information Via – Gizmodo

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