Google Now will be able to remind users where they parked soon


When Android Jelly Bean 4.1 came along, many discarded it as just another 0.1 update, but it brought with it one of the most powerful programs on Android, Google Now.

For the past three iterations of Android, Google Now has been building up its functionality, adding different services and cards to make the program more usable for people who do not like voice recognition services.

It is about to get even better with the next update on Android, with AP reporting that Google Now will soon be able to detect where a user has parked with car and give exact directions back to the vehicle.

This will come alongside other updates to Google Now like reminding users to pay bills and show reminders based on who is near the user at the time. It looks like Google Now will start to understand the environment around the user better and offer more information based on location and who/what is nearby.

We are not sure how Google Now will be able to detect when the user leaves the car, unless some new sensors inside the phone notice when the user leaves the car and begins walking on foot. Users could manually log when they leave the car for safe-keeping, although Google Now is all about contextual information given automatically.

Contextual information is definitely something Google is trying to drive home on their virtual assistant platform. Since Google Now will be most of the functionality on Android Wear, their new software platform for wearables, it makes sense they are creating more features for the program.

Android 4.5 will most likely be the next iteration of Google’s open source OS, unless they plan to make a big leap to Android 5, which has been leaked previously. Considering all of this news about Project Hera is making the headlines lately, we may be in for a big revamp of the OS.

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