Google Reveals Chrome Remote Desktop, An App To Browse Your PC or Mac Via Smartphone

Google Remote Desktop app

You’re at home. You’ve settled in comfortably for the night, onesie secured snuggly around you body, you’ve got your feet up and a new episode of your favourite TV show is beaming in all of its glossy HD glory from your TV screen. And then the adverts hit and you realise that you’ve forgotten that file at work and you have no other choice but to change out of that onesie (or at least put a more socially acceptable raincoat over it), drive all the way over to the office, log into your work computer and look at the file. That’s the only option you have, right? Well apparently ont as Google have announced the Chrome Remote Desktop app set to make browsing through your desktop computer by way of your smartphone, a doddle.

The Chrome Remote Desktop app is an extension of 2011’s similar app which let you browse all of your desktop files albeit form another desktop, so Google are practically old hands at this by now. The smartphone version of the software offers very much the same functionality, offering ease of use and a simple way of connecting the two. As Google explains in their announcement post, to connect your smartphone and desktop computer you can go through the Chrome Web Store app on your desktop, then launch the Remote Desktop App on your phone and tap on your computer’s name. Once that’s done, presumably it’ll work fine and you’ll be able to look at your desktop on the go.

Handily, the app doesn’t just accommodate PCs but it also works with Macs too, showing that Google doesn’t want to leave out any desktop user (they also know that Macs are where the professional market it, so there’s that too). However, a downside is that in a display of Google ‘looking out for their own’, the Chrome Remote Desktop App is currently only available on Android handsets but it’s not all frowns for iOS users as Google also say that an iOS version of the app will be available later this year.

Via Google

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