Google to Ensure ‘Powered by Android’ Branding is on New Android Phones

Samsung Galaxy S5 image 2

For regular technology blog readers or for avid smartphone fans, the knowledge that phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One (M8) are powered by Android, Google’s open source operating system, is clear. It’s clear too that its competitors, such as the Apple iPhone and the line of Nokia Lumia handsets, are run by other operating systems entirely (iOS and Windows 8, respectively). But for a large amount of prospective smartphone buyers, the clarity isn’t there and they are clueless about the swishy user interfaces and app marketplaces that are available to them on each, or the fact that one OS does not fit all.

Google’s solution to this? To ensure that ‘Powered by Android’ branding now finds its way onto every new Android phone. The new Samsung Galaxy S5? That has it. The aforementioned HTC One (M8)? That has it, and so will all of the other Android powered mobiles that come after it too, if Google have their way. While the reasons for this are not apparent, the subtle reason for Google’s new smartphone rule is that it offers a singular brand identity across smartphones that are not like each other in make, model or size. Many people who keep up with tech know that the LG Nexus, Samsung Galaxy and HTC smartphones are all similar because of their operating system but without that Powered by Android branding, there’s nothing to overtly say that they share an OS the way that Apple and its famous fruity logo on the back of all of its devices does.

In videos and screenshots of Android powered phones booting up, those looking to invest in an Android smartphone will at least now be more aware of the operating system behind it when perhaps before, they were of the thinking that HTC and Samsung and LG and all of the other smartphone options that are out there, run different operating systems, all of which will have to be researched and looked up in order to make sure that you haven’t made an erroneous and expensive error in buying one. Not only this but the headlines about Android games and apps and brilliant uses for Android phones and tablets will begin to make sense to these users too. So while the effects of this new branding may not suddenly cause thousands of people to flock to Android device vendors, over time, the brand will become more established and Google may very well get the outcome that they are looking for.

Source: VentureBeat

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