Kickstarter: Amazing New Lunecase for iPhone With Glowing Notifications

Kickstarter Amazing New Lunecase for iPhone With Glowing Notifications - Featured

I love Kickstarter projects, it truly is the bleeding edge of technology, and also allows a small minority of people to push a project to fulfilment that might not have made it by seeking traditional funding.

The iPhone market is literally awash with cases and covers, so it is always interesting when a new design comes along that truly innovates in this space, and that’s exactly what the Lunecase purports to do.

The Lunecase is a fairly standard rear ‘shell’ type case, dubbed the “the first intelligent iPhone cover” because of the way it alerts you to notifications using LEDs on the rear.

Kickstarter Amazing New Lunecase for iPhone With Glowing Notifications - incoming message notification

The case can identify incoming calls or text messages, and display the corresponding symbol on the back of the case, great if you’re someone who lays their phone face down on the desk.

But the really cool thing about the case is the fact that it requires no battery to power the notifications! Lunecase uses the free energy that is emitted by the device “converting it from the natural iPhone’s electromagnetic energy into a usable energy to power the notification system embedded in the Lunecase”.

Its a little misleading to imply multiple notifications however, the Lunecase analyses the wavelength of your cell signal as it comes in, and can simply discern if it is a text message or a phone call from the shape. That’s it. I don’t see a future where there are notifications for WhatsApp or Facebook – at least not with this technology.

The self powering capability is a neat trick however, and I’d love to see more uses for that technology in the future. Regardless I’ve backed this because it looks like a pretty fun product and within its limits is certainly useful.

Check out more details in the video below:

The campaign has surpassed its funding goal, at the time of writing it is at $63,815 of it’s $50,000 required to be backed, so come the end date on June 5th, the project should wing into gear.

>> Back the Lunecase for iPhone With Glowing Notifications on Kickstarter now.

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