Lloyds Bank Rolling Out Contactless ATMs In The UK

lloyds bank branch

Lloyds Bank are rolling out upgrades to over 1200 ATMs (cash machine’s) in the UK and will replace legacy units used by Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and TSB.

The new machines, being supplied by NCR Corporation will feature larger 15-inch screens, with faster service and a more engaging experience for consumers. There is also greater assistance for the visually impaired with new voice guidance for transactions if required.

Integrated NFC will be the first of kits kind in ATMs in the UK, and will allow for small transactions to take place more quickly reducing waiting times. The feature will be included in the new units but will await activation by Lloyds Bank.

Another key update is the Windows 7 certified operating system that the new ATMs will use, dispensing with Windows XP that it now no longer supported by Microsoft, leaving systems still using this OS a prime target for hackers. The use of Windows 7 will also allow for improved facilities such as gesture and multi-touch control.

Rachel Nash, director of financial services at NCR U.K. said:

Time-starved consumers want quick, secure access to banking services and technology, such as ATMs, providing them with choices that can make their lives better. This new breed of ATM achieves that by improving the consumer experience with better access for the visually-impaired, queue-reducing measures, such as contactless readers, and bigger screens which respond quickly to commands.

We don’t have time-scales yet for the roll-out, but expect to see the new units this year.

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