Mozilla reveals new redesign to Firefox on the Web


Mozilla has announced today a new redesign to Firefox on the Web, after almost three years of the same design and iterative updates to performance and features, we finally get an overhaul on the browser.

The biggest change is in the design of the user interface, making it look like a modern browser. Tabs have been redesigned, making one stand out and the others sink into the background. Bookmarks, Toolbar, Downloads, Home and Menu have all be moved to the far right, similar to Google Chrome.

Instead of having a text based menu layout, Mozilla has redesigned the Firefox menu to have ten widgets representing different features on the browser, including Add Ons and Developer buttons. Bookmarks have been made easier, with just one click the user can set a bookmark.

Firefox Sync has been revamped and will allow users to keep stored passwords, browsing history and bookmarks across multiple devices and browsers. When Firefox is first launched, the user will be prompt to use Firefox Sync, to get all bookmarks and other details from their previous browser.

This whole redesign brings Firefox on level terms with Chrome and IE, who have both had redesigns in the past few months to look better and modern. Firefox has always been a step ahead when it comes to privacy and with more emphasis on Add Ons, we should see it become more customisable.

Web browsers have become less relevant in the move to mobile, we do not really see any big competitive statements made by Microsoft, Mozilla or Google regarding  usage and how much better they are than the competition, although Bing! and Google Search are still going at it.

Mozilla has made a few moves into mobile, with Firefox browser for Android and Firefox OS installed on a few smartphones, it is definitely some preliminary steps to keep them in the mobile world.

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