OnePlus One Rumor Wrap-up

oneplus one smartphone

We’ve talked about the OnePlus One smartphone numerous times since it was announced, and the official unveiling is just two short days away. We’re not going to rehash the specs again, but we are going to talk about what happened in their forums over the weekend and touch on those leaked photos that hit the web.

OnePlus’s marketing campaign has been a little odd to say the least, but it’s been successful for the most part until recently. The company announced that the only way you could buy a OnePlus One was through an invite system, and while invitees could invite others, the whole invite system turned quite a few people off.styleswap

The company also ran a contest that awarded forum members with a free handset – you just had to be the person to write the 5,001, 10,000 or 50,000 post. As you can imagine, this didn’t quite go as planned and warm fuzzy feelings did not ensue. Long story short, people that should have won the device didn’t and were more than a little irritated. Thankfully, OnePlus stepped up to the plate today and made things right by awarding phones to the proper people and throwing in two invites to boot.

Drama aside, the biggest news surrounding the OnePlus One would have to be the leaked photos. OnePlus tried to keep any photo of the handset off the web, and they almost succeeded. Nothing has been confirmed, but the leaked renders show what appears to be the OnePlus One and it’s very similar in style to the Oppo Find

We know the OnePlus One will have top-notch specs, different back plates, and it’s going to run a custom version of CyanogenMod. It’s also going to be affordable coming in at under $400 unlocked in 16 different regions. It remains to be seen if the leaked renders are legit or if the device will have any ‘killer’ features, but we’ll find out in a couple of days when OnePlus officially shows off their first smartphone to the world.

Via – OnePlus Forums, Android Authority

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