Pulse by Sengled combines Bluetooth speakers with and LED Bulb

pulse by sengled

LED lighting is really starting to catch on with consumers, and there are some killer products out there from big names like Philips and Samsung. Sengled might not be a name you’re familiar with, but we’re guessing you’ll remember them after checking out Pulse by Sengled.

We’ve seen dozens of LED light bulbs that can be controlled with your smartphone, but Pulse by Sengled ups the ante by throwing Bluetooth speakers into the mix. Yup, you can play music through a light bulb and control it all from your smartphone.

The Pulse bulbs screw into any ordinary light socket, and with the app you’ll be able to control light and sound levels for your bulbs. Each set comes with a Master and Satellite bulb which gives you a stereo effect and if you’re thinking the speakers will be cheap and tinny, you thought wrong as JBL is providing the speakers.pulsebulb

Initially you’ll be able to access several of the top media players including Spotify, TuneIn Radio and Pandora. We can only assume more services will be added in the future, and the company has plans for a future software update that will let you control up to 8 bulbs (1 master, 7 satellites) from the smartphone app.

If you’re interested in Pulse by Sengled, you won’t have to wait to pick up a set as they’re already up for grabs through the companies official site and via several online retailers. The Pulse bulbs come two to a pack in either Candy Apple or Pewter and will set you back $169.

Pulse by Sengled

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