Rumoured iPhone 6 Images Leaked From Foxconn Production Line

iphone 6 rumoured rear image

Images have been posted on Weibo claiming to be leaked shots of the new iPhone 6 in production at a Foxconn factory.

Naturally unconfirmed, the images show a larger device, with rounded edges and a raised camera bevel. Previous rumours surrounding the next iPhone indicate there could be two sizes, a 4.7″ display and a 5.5″ display, the first signs of Apple responding to the success of the larger screen’d devices.

The depth of the new devices was suggested by previous Apple rumour source Sonny Dickson, to be thinner than the current iPhone5S, already only 7.6mm thick, which could cause problem for the camera optics, leading to the protruding camera lens.

iphone 6 rumoured schematic image

However, a protruding camera lens would be a huge change for Apple, who until now has always had a completely flat front and back design to their iPhone’s.



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