Save the Date: LG holding Press Event on May 27 for the LG G3


Everyone who knows anything about smartphones knows that LG’s new flagship is coming. Now we have a good idea of when that might be as LG has just sent out invites for a Press Event to be held on May 27.

LG hasn’t gone on record by saying this is the official unveiling of the LG G3, but if the big “G” on the invite says it all. Well, that and the dozen or so leaks we’ve seen over the past few weeks. The timing is also right as most of the manufacturers have already dropped their flagships, so now the only major devices left to launch this year are the new iPhones and any “Premium” variants Samsung and HTC may crank out.

So what do we expect for the LG G3? The big news is that the LG G3 will sport a 5.5-inch 2K (2560 x 1440) display, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Rumor has it that the G3 will have a Snapdragon 801, 3GB of RAM, and a 16MP shooter with a dual-LED flash. Did we mention it’s said to be water-resistant and dust proof to boot?

If the rumors surrounding the LG G3 pan out, it will be the first device from a major manufacturer that actually gives consumers what they’ve been asking for – a phone with the best of everything. While the announcement could always turn out to be another LG product, it’s going to be the LG G3 considering the company has not one, but six media events planned for May 27. Stay tuned, as we’ll be right here to give you the lowdown when the G3 goes global.

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