STREAMZ Smart Headphones Bring Direct Music Streaming Without A Smartphone

streamz wireless streaming music headphones on kickstarter - featured

Streaming music is typically handled on your smartphone, and then pushed to your headphones or earphones either via a cable or vie Bluetooth, but the new Kickstarter project STREAMZ aims to change all of that.

STREAMZ claim to be the world’s first smart headphone that incorporates a wireless WiFi and Bluetooth Android music player that allows you to load music onto the inbuilt 1GB storage (up to 36GB) to listen, or stream wirelessly over a WiFi connection.

You can load and manage the headphones via the STREAMZ Manager App which runs on Android and iOS devices and the headphones can even function as straightforward wireless headphones if you prefer.

Streaming music is widely supported, and STREAMZ can play music from internet radio stations like Pandora, local DLNA servers, your smartphone, or even Google Drive and other online streaming services.

streamz wireless streaming music headphones on kickstarter - compatible streams

You can back STREAMZ on Kickstarter starting at $299 (to actually receive a pair) which bags you the headphones with 4GB of storage, $349 for 20GB storage or higher amounts for a pair of headphones.

To be successfully funded the project requires at least $50,000 to be pledged by 

Its certainly an interesting project, but I can’t see massive demand for a product like this. Kickstarter is of course the ideal platform for finding niche backers, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this but it’s not something I will be backing personally.

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