The LG G Watch is headed to the UK this Summer for £180


Google got folks excited when they announced the Android Wear platform for smartwatches and wearable tech, and while we knew smartwatches from LG and Motorola were coming, we didn’t have a release date or pricing until now.

According to Pocket-lint, the LG G Watch will be coming to the UK “before July” and it will sell for less than £180. A bit vague, but we’ll take what we can get. As we don’t know when the Moto 360 will launch, LG may be waiting to hear a little more about Motorola’s plans before settling on a final price and date. We all know how the companies like to one-up each.

As for the LG G Watch itself, we really don’t know much more than we did when it was announced. We know we’re seeing the final design of the watch, and that nobody has seen hide nor hair of a button or port on the device. The strap can be swapped out for different ones, but we still have no idea of what resides under the hood of the LG G Watch.

The summer timeframe is dead-on for the LG G Watch as everyone knows that Google I/O is coming up and that’s when we expect to see the Moto 360 unveiled. It will be interesting to see if LG will go first with the G Watch, and which device will be the cheapest when it hits retailers. Either way, you can expect to see several more Android Wear devices before 2014 comes to a close.

Via – Pocket-lint

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